Sunday, Monday and Thursday mornings.  Summer start time is 9 AM with activities completed by 1 pm or thereabout.  We encourage club members and non-members to join us.


Trap       ‘Single’ Trap is a 25 bird game shot on our northernmost field.  There are five shooting stations and each shooter shoots, in rotation, five times at each station.   All bird targets are launched from one ‘trap machine’ located in front of the shooting stations.  Birds are launched ‘away’ from the shooters in an unpredictable arc of 22 ½ degrees both left and right of a center line of the trap house.

Skeet     A (full) skeet squad consists of five shooters and they shoot a 25 target round of skeet on our newer, southernmost field. They shoot at targets launched from two skeet machines—a high house and a low house.  The squad shoots at eight different stations, beginning with station #1 located directly below the high house target window. After each shooter has shot at four targets from station #1, the group moves ahead—counterclockwise—to station #2 for four targets.  Stations #3, #4, #5, and #8 only offer TWO bird/targets and a final and 25th target is offered to complete the round of 25 either after the shooter’s first miss OR at the eighth station for the shooter who has NOT YET MISSED a target in the round.

Five Stand      On our central, main field, we offer a 25 bird game that is arguably our most challenging.  There are seven different trap machines offering distinctly different targets.  Shooters rotate through five, covered shooting stations that are arranged  in a straight line facing the field over which all targets travel.  Each shooter is offered five targets at each station. Shooting rotates from the first listed shooter to the fifth shooter for a single bird then for a pair of birds and finally for a second pair of birds.  The first target at each station is a ‘single’ — two shots are allowed at this single target. For the two pairs only two shots are allowed for each pair.  Most often a menu, at each station, informs the shooter of which traps the birds will be deployed from. Consequently, Five Stand is actually a 25 bird/target game that allows a shooter to shoot 30 times maximum—two shots at the first single target in each station.

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Currently, our prices for these activities are:

$2.00 for all shooters who are students 18 and under.

For all other shooters:

$4.00/round for each round of Trap OR Skeet  (Bonus cards are available for $40.00 for a total of 11 rounds)

$5.00/round for each round of Five Stand  (Bonus cards are available for $50.00 for a total of 11 rounds)

New visitors to the clays fields must sign a release and a copy of our clays safety rules.